In the words of the late great Rush Limbaugh, “This is what Pushback looks like”. 

Consider the big picture, the Democrats and the American Left have been driving the United States down the ditch for decades, even a century if you go back as far as President Woodrow Wilson.  Little by little the Liberal Establishment has been transforming America slowly and incrementally.

What the Republicans have lacked for much of the latter of 20th and now the early 21st century is a vision and the artistry in selling that vision to most of the American people.  And the ability to implement that vision without it being dismantled.

Hence, the problem! Every time the Republicans implement transformative policies suddenly, it is safe to vote Democrat again. Tsk Tsk.

Yes, we have had transformative figures such as Ronald Regan.  And we can’t forget Newt Gingrich’s revolution in 1994 in which the “Contract with America” won him the Speakership and the GOP the House majority for the first time in 40 years. 

Think about that for a moment 40 years of Dem control.  That is a lot of harm not only to the government but to the body politic in general.  The win in ‘94’ kept Bill Clinton from implementing his destructive liberal agenda and he turned a corner towards common sense. 

But folks from there on we have had this proverbial seesaw in the U.S. Congress and Senate, as well as the governorships and state legislatures.

Then comes the Bush/Obama era. Yes, I group them together because policy wise what is the difference between the two? The US still had a wide-open boarder, immigration issues, out of control government spending, and Vladimir Putin still managed to annex parts of the old Soviet Union back into Russian control.  

This era created the Tea Party!

Now enters Donald Trump.  A proven leader having worked and built something during his lifetime, unlike 99% of the establishment and consulting class.  A definite transformative figure with a keen intellect and a knack for problem solving.

Border wall? Let’s build it! 

20 plus year plans for embassy in Jerusalem? Let’s move it!

Coherent policy for the Middle East? The Abraham Accords!

Policies for Blacks and other minorities?  Done!

No New Wars? Done!

Tax Reform? Done!

Great Economy? Enough Said!

And this is why the Liberal Establishment is trying to destroy him.

Say what you will about Trump, but America was going in a promising direction under his leadership. 

So now should we abandon Trump and roll the dice on a field of weaker candidates?

According to Ann Coulter we should.  See her latest op ed “Republicans you’re being played.”

Personally, I am not so quick to hop on the Dump Trump train because I see the bigger picture.

The Ruling class is going after Donald Trump for one reason. He implemented policies that put the American taxpayer first and foremost.  Two impeachments and three court cases later he is still standing.

Make no mistake this is model that the American Left will use to harass future Republican hopefuls. The only difference is that Donald Trump has the strength and fortitude to endure this persecution.

So, should Conservatives and Republicans quit because of a little opposition or hold the line and send him back to DC?  The trans-nationalists in the DC Establishment are drawing a line and so should we.